I write fluent PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript and SQL. My toolbox includes jQuery, Codeigniter and CakePHP; I have used all of them in several large production web projects in the past five years of my career as a freelancer.

Other qualifications include sever administration of *nix systems, with specialization in LAMP software and its optimization, and development of web applications with the python-based Django Framework.

My emphasis is on usability and search engine optimization – and I won’t charge you a dime for either. It comes with all of my work.

Here are some of the latest projects I have been a part of:

  • Schwarzesbrett Website Website

    Built the website for fast-growing local ads website from the ground up in 2009 and migrated the whole project to new server infrastructure.

    Initially covering one city as a classic directory, it has since grown by for times and offers its visitors all manner of social integration and innovative features – such as geolocation, an intuitive user interface based on CSS3 & jQuery and advanced search functunality.

  • Logo & Website Appearance & Website

    Designed all visual elements and created a custom backend for upcoming 3D effects portal VFXChange, based on Codeigniter and jQuery.

    Implementing an AJAX form for multiple file uploads and fully automatic video conversion, as well as thumbnail generation, were important parts of the development.

  • Sitecutters Logo & Website Appearance & Website

    Came up with a design and matching backend as part of a business model based around converting graphical designs to HTML & CSS layouts, in cooperation with Tobias Otte.

  • HX3 Logo

    HX3 Logo

    Developed a logo for online community HX3 in 2007.

Open Source Code

  • Sitemaps for Codeigniter

    This open-source library generates and publishes sitemaps, according to the open standard. It is small, fast and seamlessly integrated into Codeigniter.

  • Inherit Template System

    A templating system that targets Codeigniter, in the style of Django’s template inheritance. Simple, elegant and most of all, easy to use.

Contact me via mail, twitter or telephone: +49 (0) 151 591 000 71