I write flu­ent PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript and SQL. My tool­box includes jQuery, Codeigniter and CakePHP; I have used all of them in sev­eral large pro­duc­tion web projects in the past five years of my career as a freelancer.

Other qual­i­fi­ca­tions include sever admin­is­tra­tion of *nix sys­tems, with spe­cial­iza­tion in LAMP soft­ware and its opti­miza­tion, and devel­op­ment of web appli­ca­tions with the python-based Django Framework.

My empha­sis is on usabil­ity and search engine opti­miza­tion – and I won’t charge you a dime for either. It comes with all of my work.

Here are some of the lat­est projects I have been a part of:

  • Schwarzesbrett Website Web­site

    Built the web­site for fast-growing local ads web­site from the ground up in 2009 and migrated the whole project to new server infrastructure.

    Ini­tially cov­er­ing one city as a clas­sic direc­tory, it has since grown by for times and offers its vis­i­tors all man­ner of social inte­gra­tion and inno­v­a­tive fea­tures – such as geolo­ca­tion, an intu­itive user inter­face based on CSS3 & jQuery and advanced search functunality.

  • Logo & Website Appear­ance & Website

    Designed all visual ele­ments and cre­ated a cus­tom back­end for upcom­ing 3D effects por­tal VFX­Change, based on Codeigniter and jQuery.

    Imple­ment­ing an AJAX form for mul­ti­ple file uploads and fully auto­matic video con­ver­sion, as well as thumb­nail gen­er­a­tion, were impor­tant parts of the development.

  • Sitecutters Logo & Website Appear­ance & Website

    Came up with a design and match­ing back­end as part of a busi­ness model based around con­vert­ing graph­i­cal designs to HTML & CSS lay­outs, in coop­er­a­tion with Tobias Otte.

  • HX3 Logo

    HX3 Logo

    Devel­oped a logo for online com­mu­nity HX3 in 2007.

Open Source Code

  • Sitemaps for Codeigniter

    This open-source library gen­er­ates and pub­lishes sitemaps, accord­ing to the open stan­dard. It is small, fast and seam­lessly inte­grated into Codeigniter.

  • Inherit Tem­plate System

    A tem­plat­ing sys­tem that tar­gets Codeigniter, in the style of Django’s tem­plate inher­i­tance. Sim­ple, ele­gant and most of all, easy to use.

Con­tact me via mail, twit­ter or tele­phone: +49 (0) 151 591 000 71